Why the “Are Asexuals Queer?” Question is Incoherent

A very good response to a debate I’ve seen pop up a lot!

The Asexual Agenda

The following is a guest post by Captain Heartless.

Recently at an ace meet up, someone brought up the “are asexuals queer?” question and made me realize I’d never fully fleshed out some of the assumptions behind the question. Siggy has explained some of the ambiguity in that question before, arguing that calling asexuals queer acts as either a community guideline or political strategy. And a long time ago I certainly spent my time in the tumblr trenches adamantly arguing that asexuals are queer*. But rather than argue the merits of the question itself, more and more I’ve been leaning towards rejecting the idea that this is a question that can be answered, and we should instead start taking the community guideline approach- and asking “are asexuals part of X group?”** instead of “are asexuals queer?”.

There are two assumptions in that question that bother me: 1) that…

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