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Labels are something very dear to me – here is a very good post about them.

The Asexual Agenda

Why do the kids these days have so many words and identity labels?

That’s the question we ask year after year.  But isn’t that funny?  If it’s the same thing year after year, why does it seem like kids these days are especially bad about it?

It’s certainly true that some years provide more fertile ground for words than others.  For example, there were a lot more new asexuality-related words in the years 2000-2010 than in the years 1990-2000.

But a lot of the perceived change is an illusion.  Previous generations also had lots of words and identity labels.  Some of those words became established, and now you take them for granted (eg hetero-/bi-/pan-/homo- romantic, gray-A, demisexual).  But for every successful word, there were a dozen unsuccessful words.  You don’t see them anymore, because they died.

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