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This Glorious Unknown

Hello darlings! Today marks the beginning of this year’s Asexual Awareness Week! According to the organization’s website, the campaign has been running for seven years now, which is very exciting news. As a person who identifies as asexual, I care a lot about this particular week in October–in fact, last year I wrote a post all about asexuality and my experience with being ace.

thehouseofillrepute Involving a rather salient extended metaphor.

Last year’s post was something of an “Asexuality 101” as experienced by Your Illustrious Author. Among the information I had to offer in that post was a tidbit of terminology: ‘allosexual’. In the asexual/LGBTQ+ community, the term ‘allosexual’ is used to describe someone who is not asexual. In my own words to friends, “there’s the asexuals–that’s me–and the allosexuals–which is all y’all”. It’s like using cisgender as an opposite to transgender, or allistic as an opposite to autistic…

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